Whiplash and soft tissue injuries after a car accident should not be ignored. If not treated properly, these injuries can turn into more serious injuries that require extensive treatment in order to fully heal. After being involved in a car accident, even if the injuries are seemingly minor, you should be seen by a qualified medical professional and contact an attorney.

At Cyrus, Adkins & Walker, Attorneys at Law , we will help make certain you get the help you need to overcome your injuries. Regardless of the details of your personal injury case, you can trust that we will take initiative in resolving the legal issues you are facing.

Our West Virginia lawyers take a comprehensive approach to representing clients. We provide the personalized representation that you expect and will work to maximize the compensation and benefits that you deserve. You can trust in our experienced, dedicated team.

Rehabilitation From A Car Crash In Huntington Or Charleston With Whiplash Injuries

A neck injury or injury involving whiplash/soft tissue damage will require restricted movement in order to heal. If not treated promptly, these injuries can lead to other injuries that could have lifelong effects.

People who work in manual labor positions or in a field that requires vigorous or continuous movement might not be able to return to work quickly and may struggle with lost wages and need help supporting a family. At Cyrus, Adkins & Walker, Attorneys at Law , we will take action quickly to help you get the full amount of benefits for your injury claim.

Waiting To Get Treated Could Indefinitely Hurt Your Claim

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is waiting to get treated by a doctor. It is important to understand that even seemingly minor injuries can end up being severe. When you have an experienced lawyer on your side from Cyrus, Adkins & Walker, Attorneys at Law , you can shift your focus from the legal issues of your case to your recovery.

At Cyrus, Adkins & Walker, Attorneys at Law , we are highly experienced at handling car accident claims. We will work to get the best possible result for your claims and ensure that you have the financial compensation and benefits you need to recover. Call our experienced team today to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss the details of your case at 304-521-1582 or 888-594-7284. If you prefer, you can contact us online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Do I have to pay for hiring experts, depositions, and other expenses of getting my case to trial?

A:At Cyrus & Adkins, we will advance all costs necessary for the development and presentation of your case. In the event of a successful recovery, whether by settlement or verdict, these necessary costs and expenses are reimbursable to our firm.

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