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At the Huntington, West Virginia, office of Cyrus, Adkins & Walker, Attorneys at Law , our smart, skilled and compassionate attorneys work hard to help clients injured in accidents obtain the compensation they need to heal from their injuries and move forward with their lives.

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Cyrus, Adkins & Walker, Attorneys at Law : Overcoming today's legal hurdles and paving the way for a brighter tomorrow.

We don't isolate ourselves to simply solving the problem at hand. Instead, we look to the future. By looking ahead, we are able to identify any possible medical complications, reduced earnings, and lifelong pain and suffering to make sure the compensation our clients obtain today will work for them in the future.

During a personal injury claim, thorough investigation is important. At Cyrus, Adkins & Walker, Attorneys at Law , our lawyers diligently examine our clients' cases — how the injury occurred, who was present at the time of the accident, whether anyone breached his or her duty of care — to identify all potentially responsible parties.

By casting a wide net, we not only maximize our clients' compensation, we hold all liable parties responsible for the injuries that occurred.

Making Clients As Whole As Possible

At Cyrus, Adkins & Walker, Attorneys at Law , we understand that no amount of money can make up for the pain, suffering and emotional distress caused by a physical injury or death of a loved one. However, compensation can help reduce the financial stress caused by large medical bills, lost wages and loss of future income.

Some accidents are so serious as to leave their victims permanently disabled. When this happens, our attorneys not only pursue compensation through a personal injury claim, but also help clients obtain the benefits they need to support themselves and their families in the future.

Our firm has helped individuals suffering from a diverse range of injuries. Common injuries and accidents include:

For experienced legal representation, contact the Charleston personal injury lawyers at Cyrus, Adkins & Walker, Attorneys at Law . Call us today at 304-521-1582 or toll free at 888-594-7284. Visit our FAQ page for answers to our clients' most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Do I have to pay for hiring experts, depositions, and other expenses of getting my case to trial?

A:At Cyrus & Adkins, we will advance all costs necessary for the development and presentation of your case. In the event of a successful recovery, whether by settlement or verdict, these necessary costs and expenses are reimbursable to our firm.

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