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Coal mining is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. While injuries at underground mines typically cause the most severe injuries, workers are also injured at surface mines and in quarries. At Huntington-based Cyrus, Adkins & Walker, Attorneys at Law , our firm helps injured miners throughout West Virginia recover the compensation they need to heal from their injuries, pay their bills and support their families.

Holding Mine Owners Liable For Injuries To Miners

Methane explosions, falls, burns, electrocution, stockpile and shield collapses, coal truck accidents, and accidents caused by improperly maintained equipment and inadequate training cause hundreds of injuries every year. Due to the dangerous nature of coal mining, accidents and the injuries that result are often serious, life-threatening and fatal.

Coal mine owners and operators have a duty to provide safe workplace environments. When employers fail to live up to this duty, fail to obey safety regulations or fail to properly maintain equipment, coal miners get injured.

At Cyrus, Adkins & Walker, Attorneys at Law , we hold coal miner owners and operators liable for the injuries caused by their actions.

Coal Mine Injury Law Firm

At Cyrus, Adkins & Walker, Attorneys at Law , we understand the effect an individual's physical injury has on the entire family unit.

When coal miners are injured on the job, many families find it hard to make ends meet. Medical bills, operations, transportation to out-of-state specialists, physical therapy and medication are expensive. Emotional and mental injuries may also result. Many miners injured in methane explosions or other shocking accidents suffer from post traumatic stress.

When an individual's injuries, such as amputations or spinal cord injuries, may make it impossible to return to work as a coal miner, job retraining and education may be necessary. When injuries are serious and permanent, coal miners may find themselves unable to maintain any type of employment.

If you or a loved one was injured in a mining accident, contact the Huntington coal mine accident lawyers at Cyrus, Adkins & Walker, Attorneys at Law . Call us at 304-521-1582 or toll free at 888-594-7284.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Do I have to pay for hiring experts, depositions, and other expenses of getting my case to trial?

A:At Cyrus & Adkins, we will advance all costs necessary for the development and presentation of your case. In the event of a successful recovery, whether by settlement or verdict, these necessary costs and expenses are reimbursable to our firm.

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