Personal Injury Lawyers In Huntington, WV

Based in Huntington, Cyrus & Adkins, Attorneys at Law , represents injured and disabled individuals throughout West Virginia during every stage of their personal injury claim. Our attorneys are committed to getting our clients the resources they need to treat their injuries, pay their bills and support their families.

Compassionate And Caring Legal Representation When You Need It Most

Accidents and illness not only cause individual physical pain, but they also place emotional and financial stress on the entire family unit. At Cyrus & Adkins, Attorneys at Law , we understand that a physical injury invades all areas of our clients' lives.

Steep medical bills and lost wages due to missed work may make it hard to make ends meet, and the emotional and mental stress caused by loss of physical abilities can strain personal and familial relationships.

At Cyrus & Adkins, Attorneys at Law , we don't look for short-term solutions to long-term problems. Instead, we examine the picture as a whole and work to find comprehensive solutions that allow clients to overcome today's challenges while setting the foundation for a brighter future.

Personal Injury Law Firm Serving Charleston, West Virginia

At Cyrus & Adkins, Attorneys at Law , we manage every aspect of your personal injury claim so you don't have to. You focus on your recovery; we will handle the rest.

Our firm provides comprehensive representation during every stage of your personal injury claim. Our lawyers thoroughly investigate the facts of your case, communicate directly with your physicians to learn the full nature and extent of your injuries, and act as a safeguard from aggressive insurance case managers.

Many clients come to us with a personal injury claim only to be diagnosed with a permanent, debilitating disability. When permanent disabilities prevent injured individuals from maintaining employment benefits may be available.

At Cyrus & Adkins, Attorneys at Law , we help disabled workers navigate the red tape of the administrative system in an effective and efficient manner, getting clients the disability benefits they need to treat their injuries and keep up with the daily costs of living.

For compassionate and effective personal injury attorneys in Huntington, West Virginia, contact Cyrus & Adkins, Attorneys at Law , at 304-521-1582 or toll free at 888-594-7284.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Do I have to pay for hiring experts, depositions, and other expenses of getting my case to trial?

A:At Cyrus & Adkins, we will advance all costs necessary for the development and presentation of your case. In the event of a successful recovery, whether by settlement or verdict, these necessary costs and expenses are reimbursable to our firm.