Mediation Services In A Variety Of Practice Areas

At Cyrus & Adkins, Attorneys at Law, in Huntington, West Virginia, our attorneys are trained mediators. We are a resource for lawyers and individuals who are looking to mediation as a means of resolving lawsuits. We have extensive experience mediating cases of all kinds in a variety of practice areas. Our experience, expertise and belief in the effectiveness of mediation helps ensure that mediation sessions will be as smooth, professional and efficient as possible.

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Mediation Can Be Effective In Many Situations

As an alternative to traditional courtroom litigation, mediation allows parties to express their points of view in a setting that encourages conversation and compromise. The mediator is present to help ensure productive communication between the parties, keeping the conversation on topic and exploring relevant solutions.

Attorneys and individuals are increasingly looking to mediation as a way to settle legal issues, and Cyrus & Adkins has been on the forefront of that trend. We have mediated many cases in personal injury, employment law, insurance law, civil issues, medical malpractice and more. Mediation is a way to settle disputes in a way that emphasizes collaboration and compromise.

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