Do I have whiplash?

Recognizing the signs of whiplash after a traffic accident may help a person to receive timely treatment and prevent symptoms from worsening.

Those in West Virginia who have been in a motor vehicle accident may find themselves dealing with painful injuries. A commonly occurring injury after a car accident is whiplash. According to WebMD, whiplash is another word for neck strain that is caused by the head being jerked around as a result of violent motion. The tearing of the delicate tendons and muscles of the neck will typically require immediate medical attention. It is important for people to understand the signs and symptoms of whiplash so they can recognize if they are suffering from the condition and get treatment right away.

Common symptoms

The time it takes to develop symptoms of a neck strain varies. It can sometimes be a few days before they emerge, though they may also appear within a few hours or even immediately after an accident. These symptoms can include anything from the following list:

  • An aching pain will sometimes spread towards the front of the head from the skull's base.
  • General sensitivity in the neck area will often occur, making it tender to touch and movement.
  • When trying to move the head around, a person may suffer stiffness or pain.
  • It may also be painful to rock the head forward, backward, left and right.
  • Knotting of muscles in the neck can cause an uncomfortable tight feeling, which decreases the range of motion and may cause additional pain.

The above symptoms are generally easy to recognize. If someone is feeling unusually sleepy, or is experiencing nausea, dizziness or confusion, he or she may have a concussion, which typically requires immediate medical care.

Other effects of whiplash

While many of the symptoms of a strained neck are localized, there can also be additional impacts on the body and mind. The North American Spine Society states that fatigue, facial tingling, a ringing sound in the ears, and blurry vision can all be caused by whiplash. Dealing with the constant pain can cause depression and irritability, which in turn can make it more difficult to fall asleep at night. The pain may also make it harder to remember things or to concentrate on tasks.

Nearby areas, such as the area between the shoulder blades, can also be affected by a strained neck. In some cases, nerves may be compressed, making the arms feel heavier and even experiencing pain. Any additional problems should be mentioned to a doctor when visiting them about a neck strain.

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