'Holiday Blitz' cracks down on drunk driving in December

Holiday drinking leads to increased risks of drunk driving accidents

Police in West Virginia have begun what they call a 'Holiday Blitz' to enforce DUI laws and get drunk and dangerous off the roads and highways, according to WTOV 9 News. During the month of December, motorists will likely see an increased police presence designed to keep West Virginia safe from drunk drivers. While most people associate the month with holiday cheer, officials say December also sees a big increase in and fatalities caused by impaired drivers, a problem compounded by holiday drinking, inclement weather, and increased traffic.

Dangerous holiday driving

December tends to be one of the most dangerous periods of the year when it comes to driving, particularly due to the risk created by drunk drivers. Christmas and New Year's Eve obviously present people with increased opportunities to celebrate the season through drinking. Furthermore, because many people not used to drinking throughout the year tend to have a drink or two during the holidays, they are also more likely to be impaired by even a small amount of alcohol.

Statistics show that half of all fatal crashes on New Year's Day are caused by impaired driving, according to Insurance News Net. Also, while an average of 36 people die daily due to drunk drivers during most of the year, that number spikes to 45 during Christmas and 54 per day during the New Year's period. Combined with the fact that roads are busy with families visiting loved ones and that weather may be bad during the winter months, the presence of drunk drivers only makes an already dangerous driving situation all the worse.

West Virginia blitz

West Virginians know especially well how dangerous road conditions can be in the Mountain State during the winter. State Police are currently undertaking a 'Holiday Blitz' to keep drunk drivers off the road. They warn that people who drive drunk face jail time, fines, and license restrictions or even revocation if they are caught.

People who are hosting Christmas and New Year's Eve parties should take measures to reduce the risk of guests driving home drunk. While preventing a friend from driving can feel socially awkward, the fact is that such preventative action may end up saving somebody's life. As always, people who plan on drinking during the holiday period should make sure they have a designated driver to take them home.

Legal advice

The holiday season should be a joyous time of year, but unfortunately far too many families find December to be a painful and devastating month because of the reckless choices made by a drunk driver. Drinking and driving not only costs the lives of innocent motorists, but of their friends and family as well.

Anybody who has been injured by, or lost a loved one to, a drunk driver should get in touch with a personal injury attorney looking out for the rights of West Virginia crash victims. A well qualified attorney can help fight for the rights and compensation that may be due to victims of drunk driving accidents.

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