How Does Mediation Work?

Mediation is an option for those involved in a variety of legal claims and cases. We at Cyrus & Adkins, Attorneys at Law, in Huntington, West Virginia, offer trained, experienced mediation services to help you resolve cases quickly and professionally.

The Mediation Process

Most mediation sessions follow these steps:

  • Both parties agree to mediation. Once we are contacted to mediate, a date will be established. Typical mediations last between one and two days, but can be shorter or longer depending on the circumstances.
  • Mediation sessions begin with the mediator explaining how the process will work and what issues will be discussed. Remember, a mediator does not take sides or advocate for a single solution. He or she is there to keep the conversation moving forward and on topic.
  • Each party will have an opportunity to present what they are looking for as well as their concerns. Afterward, the mediator will help with the discussion and negotiation by helping highlight common ground, offering a neutral frame of reference and giving insight that may be missing.
  • Successful mediations will result in a nonbinding, contractual agreement between the parties. In most cases, the agreement must be verified by a lawyer in order for it to become completely binding.
  • Unsuccessful mediations will result in the mediator summarizing what was agreed on and discussed and advise parties of their rights. Additional sessions may be scheduled, or parties may choose to resolve their issues in a different legal arena.

Get Started

If you are ready to mediate, contact us at Cyrus & Adkins, Attorneys at Law, by calling 304-522-9593. You can also send an email.